Branding & Naming



Garelick farms


Ah naming! It's one of the things I do best, and this is my all-time favorite naming project. The client was fun to work with, and the product has become a staple in refrigerators all over New England. Garelick Farms came to us with a faltering brand named FitMilk. We helped perform a total brand overhaul. Garelick needed to alter their positioning in order to get consumers to think of this product as a family milk - not a skinny milk for the health conscious. 

This is a unique product that is richer and creamier than your average milk. The 1% really tastes like 2% and the skim milk hardly seems fat-free. It also has a longer shelf life than regular milk. The results? Well, after myriad rounds, I came up with a name that nailed strategy. I wrote the packaging copy too. Try the milk for yourself - if you can find it. This product is flying off the shelves. My family loves it! !